Woman Posts Photo Of Her Boyfriend To Twitter And He’s Basically Michael Jackson’s Twin

I firmly believe that there’s someone out there on the planet who looks identical to me. I mean, there are literally billions of us so the chances of all of us having at least one close lookalike is pretty plausible.

And I’m certainly not the only one who likes the idea that my lookalike is out there somewhere. There are plenty of sites on the web dedicated to helping people find their own doppelgänger. You simply upload a photo of yourself and if you’re lucky somebody who looks exactly like you will have had the same idea. I can imagine meeting someone who looks spectacularly similar to you must be an incredibly surreal experience. I mean, these two guys met by chance after they were sat next to each other on a plane! Needless to say, the internet went crazy.

But do you what’s much better than meeting an ordinary person who could be your double? Having a celebrity doppelgänger! And a convincing one at that. Although I wish I could say I’ve already met my doppelgänger, sadly the closest I have to a convincing lookalike is some not-so-flattering comparisons with certain celebrities. However, there are people out there who bear a striking resemblance to some of the most famous A-listers on the planet. When Twitter user Lourdes (@gossipgrill) tweeted a photo of her boyfriend on Monday, what she didn’t know was that that very tweet would become a viral sensation because her boyfriend looks exactly – and I mean EXACLY – like Michael Jackson. Check it out: The picture was retweeted more than 2100 times as of this writing, and amassed more than 8,000 Likes, and received 2,700+ comments from those who couldn’t get over the man’s uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson. Lourdes posted a photo that her boyfriend had sent her of himself sitting in the front seat of a car, writing: “y’all my man is so cute, look at the selfie he just sent me”. There’s no doubt about the fact that the man looks uncannily similar to the late King of Pop, and so the popularity of the photo on Twitter is perfectly warranted. However, some Twitter users weren’t just content with responding to the photo with likes and retweets, they interjected with some very hilarious comments. The Twitter users who replied to the post couldn’t help but add in a few puns based on some of MJ’s biggest hits. The punny comments kicked off when Twitter user @BSNComedy tweeted this in response: “He shouldn’t take selfies while driving. He might get hit by a smooth criminal”. Not to be outdone, @holleyr shared a MJ-related pun of his own: “He won’t stop til he gets enough”. The first few tweets spawned more responses to the phenomenon, and they only got better.

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