You Might Be Feeling Exhausted At Work, Thanks To This Month’s New Moon

January 13, 2018

… difficult to even straighten out these misunderstandings, as during this time people tend to remember things in completely different ways. The good news is, Mercury goes direct only a few days after the new moon, on Dec. 22. So if you take time during the new moon to formulate your plan, it’ll be safe to jump into action on the day Mercury goes direct. Be patient, get clear about what you want, then make your move. More From this publisher : HERE ; This post was curated using : …


Mark Zuckerbergs personal challenge is all about fixing Facebook before it implodes

January 12, 2018

… deal with new regulation, antitrust committee and Senate investigations. If only Zuckerberg realized all of that earlier… But don’t worry, now he’s on it! I’m sure Zuckerberg will still find ways to have fun — he just won’t brag about it publicly on Facebook. Every year I take on a personal challenge to learn something new. I’ve visited every US state, run 365 miles, built an AI for my home, read 25 books, and learned Mandarin. I started doing these …


15 real ways to thank black women for carrying the country on their backs.

January 10, 2018

… do something tangible. Put another way: Show us the money. Thank-yous and handclap emojis won’t keep the lights on or help more people of color win elections. But you know what will? Cold hard cash. Here are 15 ways to spend your money, power, time, and resources to thank black women for carrying the political load. 1. Support black women running for office. Yard signs. Phone banks. Field work. And, most importantly, monetary donations. No black women running for office near you? No …


You Can Travel To Iceland For $99 In 2018, So Get Ready To Book A Trip

January 5, 2018

… $150, according to , so budget your trip accordingly. It’s also worth noting that WOW Air is a budget airline, so you’ll expected to pay for amenities such as seat assignments and refreshments. It might raise the cost of your travel options, but all in all, this is still a fairly comfortable deal for most travelers. It seems 2018 is looking up already, at least in terms of travel and adventure. There are plenty of ways to save, and you’ll finally be able to head where …


The Fastest & Easiest Way To Maximize YOUR Website Conversions & Profits

December 5, 2017

… versatility across MULTIPLE sites But Before Dicing a short LetVidimaze Q&A Q. What’s LetVidimaze all about? It’s a software that maximizes the proven power of video conversions in a way never before possible, in a few different ways: 1 – You can “clip” your video to your website (in any corner) so website visitors see every second of your message 2 – You can use different “section-specific” videos that automatically open and play based on exactly where your visitors …