Someone Found 1,000 Human Teeth Inside A Wall And Its Right Out Of A Horror Movie

Facebook / Gregory L. Williams Jr.

Construction workers uncovered a terrifying secret on Tuesday when they began tearing down a wall in Valdosta, Georgia and found it filled with human teeth. And not just a teeth, but over one thousand.

One worker managed to snap a pic of the situation, which I can imagine was a pretty startling find for someone who was just trying to do their job.

According to the , the building’s first tenant was Dr. Clarence Whittington, a dentist in 1900, though there’s been no confirmation that the teeth date back to his time. And while it’s obvious to see a connection between a dentist and teeth, which begs the question: Why were there so many ?

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The craziest part? The building in Valdosta isn’t even the first building that was found to have human teeth hidden in the walls . Construction workers found two similar situations in Greensboro and Carrolton, both of which were, at one point, dentists’ offices. Which begs another question: What the fuck, Georgia?

I mean, don’t get me wrong — I understand dental practices have probably changed drastically in the last century, but there’s still something incredibly creepy about finding a bunch of human teeth that probably belong to long-dead people hidden inside a building. Like “this building is probably haunted as fuck” creepy. Like “call the pope for a blessing just in case” creepy.

So far, the authority has not been notified of the findings and no official investigation is underway. Because apparently finding hundreds of human teeth inside a wall is just another day in Georgia.

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