Professor Sick Of Textbook Publishers Charging Students Hundreds Of Dollars, Finds A Genius Loophole

For many college students, acquiring textbooks has become just as hard as reading them. According to CBS News, 65 percent of students skip buying required texts at some point in their college career due to lack of affordability. One professor got so fed up with publishers abusing his students, that he decided to take matters into his own hands. He took the time to do some research and found a legal loophole which he then exploited unapologetically. One guy from his class was so thankful for the hundreds of dollars it saved him, that he shared the story on reddit. Generating over 24,000 upvotes, you could say the internet was thankful as well! Scroll down to check it out. (Facebook cover image: Marco Klapper)

65 percent of students skip buying required texts at some point in their college career because they can’t afford them

Image credits: Stacy Davis (not the actual photo)

One professor, however, got fed up with textbook publishers as much as his students were, so he took matters into his own hands

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People were quick to appreciate his efforts, and some even calculated the price of this act of kindness

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