NBC Wants To Revive ‘The Office’, ‘ER’ And ’30 Rock’ For Brand New Seasons

Our favourite television shows leave impressions on us that last far longer than their on air time span.

From playgrounds to office water-coolers, truly great TV creates moments that have ripples all over society, as fans endlessly re-live and quote their favourite moments to each other, basking in their shared enjoyment. Much store is set by such “water-cooler moments” in the entertainment industry; particularly in our modern culture where social media dictates popular opinion with an unprecedented speed, creating talked about television comes with heady rewards for those who get it right. Shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are excellent examples of this; programmes that have come to transcend merely being excellent pieces of television to become veritable cultural movements. To that end, television has become an even more intensely competitive industry than ever before. Due to the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, more pressure than ever before is placed on show makers to create talked about, profitable television. Perhaps that is why channels are trending toward turning back to the past, to known commodities, proven successes, as they look to carve their place in the over-populated market. Certainly, NBC look to be following in that mould, after it was reported that the TV channel wanted to revive several extremely well known shows. The news comes after NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt revealed that he has “casually spoken to the creators of ‘West Wing’, ‘The Office’, ‘ER’ and ’30 Rock’” about the possiblity of bringing their television shows back for more. Speaking to Deadline, Greenblatt described his desire to bring The Office back thus; We often talk aboutThe Office, Ive talked to Greg four times over the past few years. Its always, maybe some day but not now. There is certainly an open invitation but we dont have anything happening right now. If he wants to do it, I would do it. Meanwhile, Greenblatt revealed a similar desire regarding Tina Fey’s immensely popular 30 Rock; Id say to Tina Hey, you think some more30 Rockmakes any sense? Shed say, I dont know maybe.” Deadline reports that NBC is currently working with The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin on a live production of A Few Good Men; Greenblatt appears to have been using the opportunity to moot the idea of a return to The West Wing; I keep saying to him, Do you want to doThe West Wingagain, wouldnt it be great to do it? He says, You know I love that show and some day Id love to revisit it, but its not going to happen right now.” Meanwhile, the network’s reboot of Will and Grace has already been renewed for a second season, and it is thought that a revival of Miami Vice is also in the offing. If any of the hit shows mentioned above are successfully picked up for a revival of their own, NBC will have created a water-cooler moment before an episode even airs.

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