Larry Flynt offers $10 million for dirt on Donald Trump

Larry Flynt will pay up if you have dirt on Donald Trump.
Image: David Livingston/Getty Images

Need some cash and have some dirt on Donald Trump?

You might want to talk to Hustler founder Larry Flynt. The adult magazine mogul is offering $10 million “for information leading to the impeachment and removal from office” of the president.

The full-page ad was published in the Washington Post on Sunday, complete with a toll-free hotline and an email address for readers to send their tips to.

Flynt’s ad questions Trump’s win via the electoral college as opposed to the popular vote, and makes mention of the President’s alleged ties with Russia, his failure to adequately denounce the KKK and neo-Nazis following the Charlottesville riots, and his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.

“Impeachment would be a messy, contentious affair, but the alternative — three more years of destabilizing dysfunction — is worse,” Flynt wrote. 

According to the newspaper, the hotline will be staffed on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT. 

While the president is yet to respond, Donald Trump Jr. called the advertisement an act of desperation on Twitter.

Flynt wrote that he doesn’t “expect any of Trump’s billionaire cronies to rat him out.” 

“But I am confident there are many people in the know for whom $10 million is a lot of money … make no mistake, I fully intend to pay this entire sum,” he added. 

“I feel it is my patriotic duty, and the duty of all Americans, to dump Trump before it’s too late.”

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