17 Men Who Prove That Beards Change Everything

There are some people who absolutely despise beards. I mean, they’re rough, can look unkempt and sometimes a beard can look make a man look much older than they actually are. However, one thing’s for sure, and that’s that growing a beard changes everything! Who’d have thought that wearing a bit of hair could make the face look so drastically different? But it’s true!

Whether they alternate between some light stubble or a full-on lumberjack look, these celebrity men prove that beards are basically capable of transforming them into entirely different human beings.

1. Earlier this year, it was another Affleck getting attention for his beard

During 2017’s Oscar season, Casey Affleck (who won the Oscar for Best Actor) released the fuzz – and a lot of it. His brother Ben evidently likes to keep his a little more trimmed.

2. David Beckham was a fresh-faced cutie in the early days of his career

But now he’s a handsome hunk with hair in all the right places!

3. Every other Lord of the Rings fan was fawning over Legolas

And maybe if Legolas had a platinum blonde beard I would have been sold too.

4. Pierce Brosnan got a bit of stick whilst filming 2011’s Mamma Mia

Oh no, it wasn’t because he was a godawful singer, but because he wasn’t wearing his glorious, heavenly beard.

5. Could he really be called a silver fox without one?

I would go as far as to say that a beard is integral to the Ocean’s Eleven actor.

If I was capable of growing a beard, I would let it grow as long as humanly possible. I’d want to look somewhere between a wizard like Gandalf and a sexy rock star like Jared Leto. Beards really do change everything about the face. I’m telling you, when Christian Bale doesn’t have that beautiful auburn beard, he might as well be an entirely different human being.

6. Everyone loved Bradley Cooper for his role in The Hangover trilogy

However, I’m still waiting for a role where he plays a homeless man or a lone man on a deserted island. Basically any role which demands that he grow a beard.

7. Now I’m not a huge fan of Mel Gibson’s Van Dyke beard

In fact, I hate it. But still, it does make his face look undeniably different.

8. Tom Hardy seems like the kind of guy you wouldn’t want to mess with in a bar

And that beard just seals the deal…

9. Hugh Jackman may seem sweet and innocent…

However, that beard tells me a rather different story…

Beards are like items in a history museum. You can look but you can’t touch. Unless of course the beard-clad man in question is your bae, then you presumably get full access. All of my top favorite men have beards: Jesus Christ, Charles Darwin and KFC’s very own Colonel Sanders.  And of course these next few bearded celebrities…

10. I won’t lie – a clean-shaven Jake Gyllenhaal looks like a Greek God 

However, a bearded Jake Gyllenhaal is the ultimate messiah…

11. I’ll always remember Leonardo DiCaprio as a baby-faced Jack in Titanic

Apart from when he grows a beard – that s**t changes everything.

12. Robert Pattinson is no longer a 17-year-old vampire

And he’s got the beard to prove it…

13. Sometimes Shia LaBeouf likes to wear paper bags over his head

But personally, I think his best accessory is a bit of facial hair.

Not having a beard is by no means a turn off. In fact, I’ll be the first to admit that many men look heaps better without one… What I like best about beards is the novelty of it. Men who wear beards will naturally have started off without one and then, BAM! All of a sudden they have a face full of hair and it’s like it happened overnight.

14. Denzel Washington is one of the hunkiest men in Hollywood

But without a beard, I just don’t see it…

15. Kit Harrington is fantastic as Game of Throne‘s Jon Snow

However, I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that the more popular the show gets, the hairier his beard becomes…

16. Dev Patel began his acting career as a teen in a raunchy drama called Skins

Now he’s a bona fide actor with an Oscar nomination to his a name and that suave AF beard.

17. Just like fellow Brit actor, Dev, Daniel Radcliffe started his career as a kid

And just like Dev, Daniel looks a hell of a lot hotter with a beard.

It’s pretty incredible that something as superficial as a bit of facial hair can change everything about the face and the way people perceive that face. They can make a once clean-shaven man look almost unrecognizable. However, while I do quite like a beard, many of the men on this list have proven that not wearing a beard is probably the better option. To each their own though!

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