5 Disturbing Statements By The Cop Who Shot Philando Castile

June 22, 2017

… heard saying I wasnt reaching as the gunfire ends. Nowa transcript of an interview between investigators and Yanez reveals the officers shocking interaction with Castile, including the quick escalation. Five passages from the transcript are below, with emphasis added. The mistakes in the transcript are from the original. Investigator: From the time he mentioned to you that he had a firearm, weapon, um, what was the timeline? Did he immediately announce that at start …? Valerie …


Pentagon Reportedly To Send Nearly 4,000 More Troops To Afghanistan

June 16, 2017

The news comes a day after President Donald Trump reportedly gave Defense Secretary Jim Mattis the authority to set troop levels in the country in an effort to combat the spread of insurgent groups like the Islamic State and the Taliban. There are currently about 8,400 U.S. troops officially stationed in Afghanistan and an additional 2,000 not included in official tallies. The Pentagon refuted the AP report in a statement to Reuters late Thursday, saying no decisions have been made regarding …


Bill Maher Is A Dangerous White Man

June 11, 2017

… black personmustknow this. Its not like I made a career with this. I grew up in Jersey in the 50s and 60s. Race wasnt even an issue. It didnt exist. I dont wanna pretend this is more of a race thing than a comedian thing. During the interview, Maher even made a point of conveying to the audience how formidable an inquisitor Dyson was, saying I feel like I got Robert Mueller here in reference to the special prosecutor investigating the Trump administration. It is not apologies …


House, Senate investigators seek Trump tapes, Comey memos

June 10, 2017

… investigation himself for interfering in the FBI’s work. Under oath Thursday, Comey repeatedly called Trump a liar — Trump responded Friday by saying Comey was a liar. Asked if he had taped their conversations, as he implied in a threatening tweet shortly after he fired Comey, Trump said he would reveal that answer soon. “Lordy, I hope there are tapes,” Comey said during his testimony Thursday. During a news conference Friday, Trump said he’d have more information …


Brad Pitt Forecasts ‘No Future’ Thanks To Trump

June 8, 2017

Comedian Jim Jefferies closed out the debut of The Jim Jefferies Show on Tuesday by throwing it to his weather man. The mystery weather man was supposedly there to address Trump announcing the United States withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Agreementand the environmental impact we can expect. Pitt, posing as a weather man in front of a very red-looking map of the world, motioned to everywhere, saying, Things are going to be getting warmer in this area here and this area here. …


Election 2017: What do leaders do in their spare time? – BBC News

June 4, 2017

Image copyright PA Image caption Theresa May often heads to the hills with her husband Philip Prime Minister Theresa May likes to stretch her legs up and down hills and mountains, saying she decided to call the current election while walking in the Welsh mountains. Mrs May has also said she and her husband Philip enjoy “quite strenuous walking up mountains in Switzerland”. It may be worth remembering that the prime minister studied Geography at Oxford University. And while …


Why the UK election isn’t exciting Americans – BBC News

May 31, 2017

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Theresa May at a campaign event in Wales It’s not even accurate to call it a forgettable election. Most Americans, I feel confident in saying, aren’t aware it’s even taking place. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Jeremy Corbyn arrives for a campaign speech Many of the American revolutionaries, foremost amongst them the voguish Alexander Hamilton, were arch-monarchists. Their gripe with King George was that he …


The Portland Heroes Who Stood Up To Hate

What they shared, according to friends and family, was a willingness to put others first and stand up to wrongdoing. He was saying things about how Muslims should die and how theyve been killing Christians for years, Dyjuana Hudson, one of the girls mothers, said. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler on Saturday called all three men heroes. Man, hes just the best person. Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche was a friend who would never forget about you, said Christoper Landt, who grew up with him in …

May 29, 2017

Texas Teacher Gives ‘Most Likely To Become A Terrorist’ Award To 7th Grader

I was shocked, Lizeth Villanueva, a 13-year-old student at Anthony Aguirre Junior High in Houston, told Click2Houston. [The teacher] said, Most likely to become a terrorist, and she said my name, and she gave me this. It was not a joke, Lizeth was quoted as saying. I do not feel comfortable with this. These award statements and ideals are not representative of the Aguirre vision, mission and educational goals for its students,Lathan wrote. An investigation will be launched into these …

May 26, 2017

You Are Not Perfect, But You Are All Of These Things

… then he is not the one. You are quite good at loving others, better than you know, in fact. You may think the way you see the world and the way you love, with your lack of saying the actual four-letter word, may be dark. It may be fragmented, imperfect, all over the place, or even completely over the top. Maybe you are the friend who buys the gold number balloons for your friends birthdays. Conversely, maybe you are the friend who doesnt say much but never lets those who are important down. I …

May 25, 2017

Greenpeace Shines Message For Trump On Vatican Before His Visit With The Pope

… president. The pope has long called for international action on climate change, saying the phenomenon is a global problem with grave implications and one of the principal challenges facing humanity. He has urged world leaders to remain in the Paris climate deal, even as Trump has threatened to leave the agreement. International leaders and even officials within Trumps Cabinet have urged the president to remain in the Paris Accord. Even Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the former chairman of …

May 24, 2017

Some Notre Dame graduates walk out over VP Mike Pence speech

(CNN)A group of Notre Dame graduates walked out of their graduation ceremony Sunday in protest against Vice President Mike Pence and his policies. Videos showed some students standing as Pence took the podium, then walking out of the ceremony and gathering outside Notre Dame Stadium, where they held a short alternative “graduation ceremony.” The protest action was planned ahead of the ceremony, with activist group We Stand For saying Pence’s policies as vice president and …

May 22, 2017

Report: Sheriff Clarke Plagiarized Parts Of Thesis On Homeland Security

… Commission, the Government Accounting Office, as well as sections from a textbook, a Washington Post article and George W. Bushs book Decision Points. In this particular case, we would be unable to determine any violation until the full investigation is complete, the spokesman said in a statement to the network. Clarke has dismissed the story on Twitter saying that CNNs MO method of operation is to accuse plagiarism. Im next. He also called reporter Andrew Kaczynski a sleaze bag. Clarke …

May 21, 2017

Biden Reportedly Slams Hillary: ‘I Never Thought She Was The Correct Candidate’

I never thought she was the correct candidate, Biden said at the SALT conference in Las Vegas, according to Fusion reporter Hamilton Nolan.I thought I was the correct candidate. No man or woman should announce for the presidency unless they genuinely believe that for that moment in the nations history they are the most qualified person to deal with the issues facing the country, TheStreet quoted him as saying. I had planned on running for president, and although it would have been a very …

May 19, 2017