Physician Says Racist ‘White Doctor’ Rant Reflects Larger Issue In Canada

June 22, 2017

A lot of physicians who are visible minorities or have accents that suggest that theyre Immigrants, they face this, Dr. Nadia Alam, leader of the Ontario-based organization and a blogger for HuffPost Canada, told CBC Toronto. When told to go to a hospital instead, the woman responded, Im not going there with all those Paki doctors. Alam told CTV News that she was horrified by the footage. It brought back memories of racism that I dealt with as a child, racism I dealt with as a medical …


5 Disturbing Statements By The Cop Who Shot Philando Castile

June 22, 2017

… my gun like putting my hand up to the butt of the gun. 3. Yanez said the car smelled like burnt marijuana, and he wasnt sure if Castiles gun was for protection from a drug dealer. I cant remember if I asked for his ID or not but, I know I asked for his ID or his drivers license. And then he goes I have a gun. And as Im telling hIm or as hes telling me that hes reaching down between his right leg, his right thigh area and the center console. And hes reaching down and I believe Im telling hIm …


Ted Nugent: ‘I’m Not Going To Engage In Hateful Rhetoric Anymore’

June 16, 2017

… to the other side. Nugent said that people really are angry and that its crazy that people on the left dont want secure borders. Im going to take a deep breath, and Im going to back it down, and if it gets fiery, if it gets hateful, Im going away, he said.Im not going to engage in that kind of hateful rhetoric anymore. He said he would be feisty and passionate, but added, I will avoid anything that can be interpreted as condoning or referencing violence. Well, come on, Ted, she chided. …


Bill Maher Is A Dangerous White Man

June 11, 2017

… gotta get to Nebraska more. Sasse: Youre welcome. Wed love to have you work in the fields with us. Maher: Work in the fields? Senator, Im a house nigger. Maher released an apology the following day amid growing public outcry, with his employer HBO later releasing a statement of their own calling the comedians actions inexcusable. The network, however, levied no substantive punishment against Maher, who returned to his show on Friday to raucous cheers. The whole matter, from last Fridays …


Deaf Singer Wows America’s Got Talent And Earns Golden Buzzer

June 9, 2017

Mandy Harvey, 29, was recognized with the programs rare Golden Buzzer on Tuesday after bringing the audience to its feet with an original song titled Try. To help her along, an assistant stood by signing out the judges communication with her. Harvey also removed her shoes so she could feel the musics rhythm through the floor. With that, she launched into the tune, quickly inspiring applause and tears from audience members. Honestly, I never think Im going to be surprised or amazed by …


Amid Backlash, Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Doubles Down On Trump Criticism

June 8, 2017

The segment was praised by some and derided by many others namely the presidents supporters. Theres nothing fake about what I said, bottom line, Cavuto said. Regular viewers of this program also know theres nothing new about what I said. I figure Im on three hours a day between two networks here, so Ive got tIme to cover both, Cavuto said. Fake is sometImes in the eye of the beholder. To a president who hates any bad press, fake is coverage he doesnt really like. But fake can also be the …


Mountain Climber Makes History With Rope-Free, Death-Defying Ascent At Yosemite

June 5, 2017

… hours and 56 minutes, he shared a photo of his clImb via Facebook and said he was so stoked to realize a life dream today. A free-solo clImb on smooth granite face nearly a mile-and-a-half high means theres no margin for error. A misplaced foot could spell death, which Honnold is well aware of. With free-soloing, obviously I know that Im in danger, but feeling fearful while Im up there is not helping me in any way, Honnold told the magazine. Its only hindering my performance, so I just set …


Kentucky Gov Says Louisville Can Pray Away Its Crime

June 2, 2017

Bevin suggested at a community meeting that volunteer groups of between three and 10 people wouldadopt specific blocks and walk around them while praying, according to WHAS, the Louisville ABC station. Bevin said participants would make year-long commitments, and even suggested specific zip codes for the roving bands of prayer police to patrol. Prayer is powerful, and a people united in prayer will make a difference in their communities, he wrote in another tweet. I believe in prayer. Im …


Try Not To Laugh At This Womans Super Relatable Amazon Order Fail

May 31, 2017

She designs wigs and decided she wanted to dedicate a space in her apartment to her hobby, which is turning into a budding business. The chair Blaque ordered. She added the $5 chair to her cart, thinking she scored a great deal and placed the order. Even still, I thought it was kind of small to hold a chair, she said. But theres one small white box left and Im trying to figure out what it is I ordered I think we are all guilty of forgetting what we buy online, she told …


Jessica Chastain Calls Out Cannes Films For Dismal Portrayal Of Women Characters

May 30, 2017

… comments soon went viral, with more female leaders in the entertainment industry celebrating her candor. The star concluded her remarks by calling for the festival to include more female filmmakers so the jury can watch women that are proactive, have their own agency [and] dont just react to the men around them. Im not taking jobs anymore where Im getting paid a quarter of what the male co-star is being paid, she told Variety. Im not allowing that in my life. In 2015, the actress said she …


Chris Cornell’s Wife, Vicky, Pens Gut-Wrenching Open Letter To ‘Sweet Christopher’

Cornell died last week in a Detroit hotel room after performing a sold-out show with his band.His death was ruled a suicide by hanging. He was 52. A lawyer representing the family told the press that the family is awaiting toxicology reports to determine if the singers anti-anxiety medication played a role in the actions the singer took before his death. We had the tIme of our lives in the last decade and Im sorry, my sweet love, that I did not see what happened to you that night. Im sorry …

May 26, 2017

To My Husband: Thank You For Our Average Love

… over the years that love stories arent about flashy events and grand gestures. The love I have with you is a soul building love. Its a solid love. Its a sImple love. Its funny because even though Im a romance writer, our romance typically consists of lounging in our house in our comfy clothes watching Netflix. We spent last Valentines Day at home on the sofa, surrounded by our mastiff and our cats. We ate pizza and watched a mediocre movie. Theres no place, no Valentines Day, Id have rather …

May 25, 2017

Joss Whedon Replaces Zack Snyder On ‘Justice League’ After Family Tragedy

… in an emotional interview with his wife and Justice League producer Deborah Snyder. Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images The demands of this job are pretty intense. It is all-consuming. And in the last two months, Ive come to the realization, he continued. Ive decided to take a step back from the movie to be with my family, be with my kids, who really need me. They are all having a hard tIme. Im having a hard tIme. Snyder, who is also father to seven other children and step-kids, never intended …

May 24, 2017

Report: Sheriff Clarke Plagiarized Parts Of Thesis On Homeland Security

… Commission, the Government Accounting Office, as well as sections from a textbook, a Washington Post article and George W. Bushs book Decision Points. In this particular case, we would be unable to determine any violation until the full investigation is complete, the spokesman said in a statement to the network. Clarke has dismissed the story on Twitter saying that CNNs MO method of operation is to accuse plagiarism. Im next. He also called reporter Andrew Kaczynski a sleaze bag. Clarke …

May 21, 2017