Adam Driver Brings A Family To Tears With Life-Changing Surprise

June 28, 2017

Just a warning: Tears may start flowing when you see Star Wars actor Adam Driverdeliver a surprise, life-changing scholarship to the daughter of a disabled veteran. Driver teamed up with Budweiser and the Folds of Honor Foundation to make it happen. The actor, a former Marine, told HuffPost he jumped at the chance to get involved when he heard how the two organizations were helping military families. Over email, Driver told HuffPost more about the experience, what it was like surprising the …


Kim Kardashian Faces Criticism For Car Seat Photo

June 27, 2017

… rear-facing in their car seats until they reach the age of 2 or until they reach the maximum height and weight for their seat. Other public figures have faced the same kind of criticism. CARL COURT via Getty Images When Prince William and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge brought their newborn son George home from the hospital, many people expressed concerns that the baby was not properly secured in his car seat. 95 percentof families install their newborns car seats incorrectly and …


Jimmy Kimmel Pleads With Senator To Put Trumpcare to Kind ‘Kimmel Test’

June 26, 2017

… who reassured the audience that the story had a happy ending for baby Billy. If your baby is going to die and it doesnt have to, it shouldnt matter how much money you make … whether youre a Republican or a Democrat or something else, we all agree on that, right? he asked to wild audience applause. Politicians need to understand that very clearly, he added. Crying again, Kimmel talked about other families at his sons hospital. No parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to …


Visa refusal leaves mother and toddler 4,000 miles apart – BBC News

June 24, 2017

… said Irena. The family want Umair, who has the right to live in the UK, to remain in Newport because he attends an English speaking nursery and they want him to attend a local school where they think he will get a good education. In 2015, the children’s commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, said up to 15,000 British children were growing up in “Skype families” because of immigration rules that were causing children significant stress and anxiety. Image caption Bashar …


‘I kept my daughter’s body at home for three weeks’ – BBC News

June 24, 2017

… Find out more Cara Mair and Sarah Clarke-Kent encourage bereaved families to get involved in every aspect of the funeral process. Their company features in a forthcoming documentary called Dead Good. In this clip, a woman has chosen to help prepare a dear friend for his funeral. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionSarah and Cara help a woman to bathe and dress her friend for burial In 1998, Gilli lost a second child, Robbie, who was still-born. She had learned some …


What an autopsy may (or may not) have revealed about Otto Warmbier’s death

June 23, 2017

… death is ruled a homicide, in cases where it is related to a public health threat, and when a “child death appears natural and occurs suddenly when in good health.” The Warmbier family has not said why they objected to an autopsy, but Wecht said some families cite religious reasons, overwhelming grief or a desire to more quickly move on. “It’s not that I’m insensitive or indifferent to family objections,” Wecht said. “When I was coroner, for 20 …


Record Numbers of Venezuelans Seek Asylum In the U.S. Amid Political Chaos

June 22, 2017

… his predecessors legacy and socialist policies, even in the face of crippling recession, hyperinflation and extreme shortages of basic goods. Desperate families are spending hours lined up to spend their grossly devalued currency on food and medicine, while prices skyrocket and supplies dwindle. Were starting to see serious instability in Venezuela, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley warned at a Security Council meeting May the first time the 15-nation council has met to discuss Venezuelas …


Bodies Of Missing USS Fitzgerald Sailors Found In Flooded Compartments

June 19, 2017

… Yokosuka, I ask that you help the families by maintaining their privacy. Donald Trump tweeted that his thoughts and prayers were with crew members and their families. An investigation into the collision is continuing. More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsInstaConsultant 2.0 – 10 Client License Curation Studio – Web App Curation StudioLetReach – 2.0 – Notification Templates Push Notification SoftwareInstaffiliate – Women In Their 40 Pack – Premium Upgrade Instaffiliate Women …


London fire: Queen reflects on ‘sombre national mood’ – BBC News

June 17, 2017

… The BBC understands those missing could number about 70, with the 30 likely to be among that number. Three of those who died have been identified. Image copyright PA Image caption A vigil has been set up near to the site of the disaster Image copyright Reuters Image caption Police surrounded a car outside the church and community centre Fragile government facing huge challenge families appeal for missing relatives Sense of community shines through Requisition houses, urges Corbyn …


Foreign Carmakers Invoke Reagan To Sway Trump On Trade

June 17, 2017

… plant in Huntsville, Alabama, on Feb. 28, 2006. The conceit of the ad is that international carmakers, as the Association of Global Automakers calls its member companies with headquarters in non-American locales, are now as integral a part of the American landscape as the suburban families in Reagans ad. The ad debuted during NBCs Meet the Press earlier this month. The AGA declined to say how large of an ad buy it was making other than by noting it is the largest purchase in the trade …


Iraqi detainees in Michigan fear deportation

June 16, 2017

… members are fighting for the Iraqi families at risk of losing their loved ones. “Not only is it immoral to send people to a country where they are likely to be violently persecuted, it expressly violates United States and international law and treaties,” said Kary Moss, executive director for the ACLU of Michigan in a news release. “We are hoping that the courts will recognize the extreme danger that deportation to Iraq would pose for these individuals. Our immigration policy …


Feds Want ‘Pizzagate’ Shooter Imprisoned For 4.5 Years For D.C. Attack

June 14, 2017

… ill-advised decision to try and save children who he sincerely believed were being held against their will at a popular pizzeria located in Washington, D.C. Welch wrote in a letter that he wastruly sorry for endangering the safety of any and all bystanders who were present that day. Unfortunately, I cannot change what I did, but I think I owe it to the families and the community to apologize for my mistakes. View note Welchs mother wrote that her son realizes the vulnerability and …


What the Qatar crisis means for Hamas

June 13, 2017

… to tear families apart What in the World: Trump & the Qatar Quarrel Unraveling the Qatar crisis Crisis threatens to split mom from kids Qatar Airways boss calls on US Iran sends planes stuffed with food US suspects Russian hackers World cup a bargaining chip Philippines stops sending workers Gulf crisis: What you need to know Doha has used this sway to negotiate with various groups including the Taliban, as well as to help negotiate ceasefires …


Gulf crisis threatens to separate Qatari mom from her children

June 12, 2017

Doha, Qatar (CNN)In a large villa on the outskirts of Qatar’s capital Doha, one family gathers to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, handing out candy and singing songs. Dr Wafaa al-Yazeedi, a mother of three, is a Qatari single mother. Bahrain has asked her children, all Bahraini citizens, to leave Qatar. Food, fuel and flights: How Qatar may suffer …


Trump: Qatar must stop funding terrorism

June 11, 2017

… reconciliation and pointed to the human cost of the Saudi-led blockade, mentioning shortages of food, the way families had been separated and they way some children have been pulled out of school. “Unintended consequences” “We believe these are unintended consequences, especially during the holy month of Ramadan,” Tillerson said, referring to the most important holiday on the Muslim calendar. “They can be addressed immediately,” he said. The White House …


Painful Chinese Foot-Binding Was More Than An Erotic Practice, Study Finds

… managed to interview many of them, Bossen told HuffPost. There is no other body of data based on interviews with foot-bound women that is as comprehensive as this. It was really a last chance to do it. Laurel Bossen The type of foot-binding practiced in rural communities was a form of discipline, the book argues.Mothers bound young girls feet so they would stay still and work with their hands, creating yarn and spinning thread, among other things, which families could use or sell. These new …

May 27, 2017

Tom Hardy’s Fundraiser For Manchester Victims Has Already Surpassed Its Goal

What happened last night at the [Ariana Grande] concert in Manchester was a tragedy; families and children attacked and murdered; in a place where they should be safe and enjoying a concert, the actor wrote on his Just Giving page. It is an inconceivable atrocity. There is no bringing back those who have been lost, pointlessly, in such a cowardly and brutal fashion. I am truly saddened by what I have witnessed and there is no doubt that Terrorism is an evil thing. Hardy, who is from London, …

May 26, 2017

Ariana Grande On British Concert Horror: ‘Broken.’

The 23-year-old star was unharmed in an attack just outside the Manchester Arena by a suspected suicide bomber. At least 22 people were killed and 50 injured in the explosion. Scooter Braun, the New York company that represents Grande, also said in statement: Our hearts are broken. Words cannot express our sorrow for the victims and families harmed in this senseless attack. We mourn the live of children and loved ones taken in this cowardly act. The bomb exploded just as people were …

May 23, 2017

Can Donald Trump solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

(CNN)Jerusalem: US President Donald Trump arrives in Israel Monday in search of what he has called “the ultimate deal”. But like so many US presidents who have believed it their duty to bring peace to the region, Trump will face a series of challenges, which have grown increasingly insurmountable. Seven years on since Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last held talks, the same issues remain — disagreements over borders, security, Jerusalem, a right of return …

May 22, 2017

1.2 million adolescents’ deaths mostly preventable, report says

(CNN)More than 1.2 million adolescents die every year around the world — an average of 3,000 deaths per day — from causes that are largely preventable, according to a new report from the World Health Organization. The leading cause of deathamong 10- to 19-year-olds globally in 2015 was road injury, which killed more than 115,000 people, followed by lower respiratory infections and self-harm. When separated by age, sex and region, however, the leading causes of death differed …

May 16, 2017