Grown Man Serves As ‘Flower Girl’ At Wedding And Absolutely Crushes It

June 23, 2017

… Photo Casey thoroughly believes his untraditional role added some levity to their special day. Erin Moore Photo A good marriage includes a lot of laughing, Casey told HuffPost. So whats wrong with a bit of fun at your wedding with someone you both love and who loves you both? Erin Moore Photo And although Farthing was on board to have Casey be her flower man, not everyone else was at first. Try not to smile. …Hold up, what is he doing? Boom. Casey’s …


North Korea: Diplomatic delegation ‘mugged’ at JFK Airport

June 19, 2017

… Convention, diplomatic couriers “shall not be liable to any form of arrest or detention” and the diplomatic bags they carry may not be opened or detained. The convention also says any person claiming courier status must carry proper accreditation and any courier bags they carry must be visibly marked as such. The North Koreans were not held by US authorities but refused to board their flight out of JFK, the DHS statement said. The incident comes as US-North Korea tensions have …


Catastrophe Looms If NGOs Are Forced To Halt Rescue Missions In Mediterranean, Report Warns

June 18, 2017

… were putting people directly on NGO boats, new researchthat[This report] is written to avert a looming catastrophe, the researchers say. If NGOs are forced to stop or reduce their operations, many more lives will be lost to the sea. Chris McGrath via Getty Images a shipwreck off the Italian island of Lampedusa Frontex launched a new operation Migrants and refugees wait to board a Proactiva Open Arms’ rescue vessel after being rescued from a wooden boat sailing out of control in …


Dennis Rodman hopes to do ‘something pretty positive’ in North Korea

June 13, 2017

Beijing (CNN)NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman told CNN he was hoping to do “something that’s pretty positive,” as he prepared to board a plane for a trip to North Korea Tuesday. Four Americans are currently being detained in North Korea. When asked if he planned to raise their detention with North Korean officials, Rodman said: “Well that’s not my purpose right now… My purpose is to go over there and try to see if I can keep bringing sports to North …


Five things to watch: The Comey hearing

June 8, 2017

… — Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he decided to publicly announce his findings in the Clinton email investigation after watching Bill Clinton board a plane with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch. (However, later reporting revealed that Comey actually acted based on Russian misinformation alleging collusion between the Clinton campaign and the Obama Justice Department.) In short: Comey’s public hearings tend to be explosive news-fests. He already uncorked a few big …


USA 1967: When American soccer’s Summer of Love ended in tears – BBC News

Their positive reaction to the football – a sport most viewers actually knew little about – prompted a group of US businessmen to get together to draw up plans to establish a professional football, or soccer, league in the country. Image copyright Keystone/Getty Images Image caption The Beatles led the so-called British Invasion of the US in the 1960s Back then Mr Rothenberg was a lawyer for sports entrepreneur Jack Kent Cooke, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball …

May 28, 2017

NAACP dismisses its president in ‘systemwide refresh’

Washington (CNN)The NAACP is shaking up its leadership, voting to dismiss its president, Cornell William Brooks, in what it called a “system-wide refresh.” “The NAACP intends to aggressively and nimbly respond to the current climate of political unrest, as well as the assaults upon human and civil rights that threaten our very democracy, as only it can,” the NAACP said in a release Friday. “To do so demands that the board of the NAACP ensure that organization has …

May 20, 2017

Apparent airplane debris found off coast of Bahamas

(CNN)The US Coast Guard is searching for survivors after finding what is believed to be airplane debris 15 miles east of an island in the Bahamas on Tuesday. The Coast Guard had been searching for an airplane with four Americans aboard that was reported missing Monday. On board were Jennifer Blumin, 40, from New York City, Nathan Ulrich, 52, from Lee, New Hampshire; and Blumin’s 3-year-old and 4-year-old sons. …

May 17, 2017