Record Numbers of Venezuelans Seek Asylum In the U.S. Amid Political Chaos

June 22, 2017

Some 8,300 Venezuelans applied for U.S. asylum in the first three months of 2017, which, as the Associated Press points out, puts the country on track to nearly double its record 18,155 requests last year. Around one in every five U.S. applicants this fiscal year is Venezuelan, making Venezuela americas leading source of asylum claimants for the first time, surpassing countries likeChina and Mexico. Traditionally we have seen a direct correlation between human rights violations in Venezuela …


Patagonia’s CEO Is Ready To Lead The Corporate Resistance To Trump

June 18, 2017

… week. Thats part of our argument, that we are directly connected to the area though the work that weve done. We have a real economic interest in the preservation of americas public lands, she added. Mark Squillace, a law professor at the University of Colorado, said Patagonias claim could hold up in court. Patagonia probably does have significant business interests that could be affected, Squillace, who worked under Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt during the last year of Bill Clintons …


Pentagon Reportedly To Send Nearly 4,000 More Troops To Afghanistan

June 16, 2017

… what he described as a stalemate. The New York Times notes the president rarely discussed the issue during the campaign and said, despite any increase in deployment, which would cost billions of dollars, … there is no guarantee of a clear win. While americas combat mission in Afghanistan may be over, our commitment to Afghanistan and its people endures, Obama said in 2015. I will not allow Afghanistan to be used as safe haven for terrorists to attack our nation again. …


(Some) Puerto Ricans vote for US statehood

June 12, 2017

(CNN)Puerto Ricans who voted for US statehood in a non-binding referendum Sunday are “claiming our equal rights as American citizens,” Puerto Rico’s governor says. Congress, the only body that can approve new states, will ultimately decide whether the status of the US commonwealth changes. Puerto Rico: An argument for independence …


Brazilian President acquitted in illegal campaign funds case

June 10, 2017

Rio de Janeiro (CNN)Brazil’s top electoral court voted to acquit President Michel Temer and former President Dilma Rousseff following an investigation of allegations they received illegal campaign funds in the 2014 elections. Temer, 76, was the vice-presidential candidate alongside Rousseff in 2014, but Rousseff was impeached last year for illegal fiscal maneuvers aimed at hiding the budget shortfall. She has denied the allegations. …


Deaf Singer Wows America’s Got Talent And Earns Golden Buzzer

June 9, 2017

… people but then you show up, he continued. Just the fact that you are you. But it was your voice, your tone, the song was beautiful congratulations, you are straight through to the live shows. I look in this photo and see not only a special memory I will cherish for a lifetime but deaf applause … a small gesture of another broken barrier of communication. My heart is overwhelmed! Thank you americas Got Talent and all the judges but most of all thank you! Related… 12-Year-Old …


Second Lady Pence Pushes Bee Conservation, An Effort One Critic Labels ‘Hypocritical’

June 8, 2017

… release, Pence highlighted the importance of pollinators not only bees, but butterflies, birds and bats to americas food supply. Bees aloneadd at least $15 billionin economic value to the countrys agricultural industry. The number of managed honey bee colonies in the U.S., meanwhile, has plummeted from about 6 million in the 1940s to about 2.5 million today, according to the Agriculture Department. The decline has been attributed to several factors, including habitat loss, disease, the …


Actually, Mike Pence, Climate Change Has Nothing To Do With A ‘Liberal’ Agenda

June 3, 2017

… into question our commitment to protecting and preserving the environment. And it forfeits our ability to drive countries like China and India to reduce their carbon footprint and compete on a level playing field. Ultimately, this disappointing decision diminishes americas leadership role on the world stage. United States innovation and business leadership have been key drivers to lowering our carbon emissions over the last 20 years, and we should continue to have an influential seat at …


9 Times Donald Trump Twisted Facts In His Speech Quitting Paris Accord

June 2, 2017

… potent natural gas that can trap 30 times as much heat in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. failed to consultVoxs David Roberts 8. Beyond the severe energy restrictions inflicted by the Paris accord, it includes yet another scheme to redistribute wealth out of the United States through the so-called Green Climate Fund nice name which calls for developed countries to send $100 billion to developing countries all on top of americas existing and massive foreign aid payments. So were going to …


Trump Declares Victory, Heads Home To Face More Russia Scandal

… victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, Trump used the occasion to scorch americas military allies for failing to spend as much on defense in recent years as Trump would have wanted. In his view, their failure to do so unfairly burdened U.S. taxpayers an opinion other NATO members do not share, a sentiment made clear by their facial expressions as he spoke. Finally, at the G-7 meeting of the worlds largest democratically run economies, Trump would not …

May 28, 2017

Brazil’s president accused of bribery

Rio de Janeiro (CNN)Brazil’s leadership lurched into another bribery scandal Wednesday, as one of the country’s biggest newspapers accused President Michel Temer of paying a former senate colleague hush money. Temer’s office released a statement denying that he had authorized any bribes to be paid to imprisoned former house speaker Eduardo Cunha in exchange for his silence regarding a long-running corruption investigation. The prominent daily newspaper O Globo reported …

May 18, 2017

1.2 million adolescents’ deaths mostly preventable, report says

(CNN)More than 1.2 million adolescents die every year around the world — an average of 3,000 deaths per day — from causes that are largely preventable, according to a new report from the World Health Organization. The leading cause of deathamong 10- to 19-year-olds globally in 2015 was road injury, which killed more than 115,000 people, followed by lower respiratory infections and self-harm. When separated by age, sex and region, however, the leading causes of death differed …

May 16, 2017